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About Us

We are a busy 24 bed tertiary Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in South Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand, providing care to both adults and children. We admit approximately 1400 patients per year, 85% of which are acute admissions.


As well as being a general medical, surgical, vascular and trauma unit, we are the quaternary referral centre for spinal cord injured patients for the upper North Island, and the Intensive Care Unit for the National Burns Service of New Zealand.


Middlemore Critical Care Complex is a training unit for doctors training in intensive care medicine, anaesthesia, emergency medicine as well as other specialties, and is accredited by the College of Intensive Care Medicine of Australia and New Zealand.

Intensive Care Specialists

Dr Anna Mulvaney

Clinical Head of Department

Patient at risk team liaison

Dr Nic Randall

Clinical Head of Department

Anaesthetist and Anaesthesia liaison

Dr Catherine Simpson

ICM Vocational Trainee Committee

Supervisor of training (Registrars)

Dr Tony Williams

Research lead


Dr Carl Horsley

Simulation and Team resilience

Health Quality & Safety Commission NZ

M&M and SMO education lead

Dr Laura Bainbridge

Organ Donation New Zealand

Burns and Education lead

Dr Andy Williams

Trauma and spine lead

Supervisor of Training (Registrars)

Dr Pras Mao

Paediatric lead, Education

ICU Information systems and Website


Dr Jonathan Ball

ICU Specialist

Dr Michael Borrie

Infectious Diseases lead


Dr Owen Doran

Emergency Physician

ICU Fellow


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